Deluxe Pacman

Deluxe Pacman

Play a remake of the famous Pac-Man with Flash support
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Play the classical arcade game of Pac-Man with support for Adobe Flash technology and extra features to enhance the gameplay.

Deluxe Pacman is a game based on the old classic arcade Pacman game. Created by Neil Roy it is similar to the original game but with extra features that make it more fun such as: prizes, weapons, and strange maze levels with dynamic tasks to be completed.

The game has item pickups like cherries, but players also get presents and diamonds that make the pills worth more. Occasionally, a gun will allow players to shoot the ghosts, or dynamite to blow enemies up or find a jump that forwards you far ahead to higher levels.

A great feature of Pacman deluxe is that gamers can design their own levels! The game comes with a level editor so anyone can create their own levels or if not into it, just play over 120 levels included.

It was designed exclusively for Windows systems, and there are currently three different versions:

Version 1.94 has newer graphics integrating seamlessly with Win Vista and 7. It also includes new things like Ghosts, lines, pills etc. If you like the old graphics and are in search of a more traditional look and feel of the game, use v1.93. Finally version 1.94 (AMD Athlon 64bit), was specially designed for AMD Athlon 64bit CPUs, performing better in graphics and motion.

Great game for all ages, donate whatever you like to keep this game being updated free.

Max Santillana
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  • Free
  • 120 levels
  • Custom level creation
  • New items and useful objects
  • Great graphics


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